Microsoft Office 2019 Updated Free Download macOS big Sur

Features of Microsoft Office 2019 Updated January 2019 macOS

Below are some amazing features you can experience after installation of Microsoft Office 2019 Updated January 2019 Free Download please keep in mind features may vary and totally depends if your system support them.


  • Keyboard shortcut for message transfer
  • Canceling the command session on the Ribbon is now working properly.
  • Work out the correct list of filtered messages in the View menu
  • The author’s email address is displayed in the email header.
  • Easily manage email, calendar, contacts and more …


  • New commands (such as New, Print, and Save) are added to the Quick Access bar in the top left corner of the window.
  • When printing a PDF, the filename is retained, so the filename is not displayed as “Untitled.pdf”.


  • You can apply special effects to several objects.
  • Added new commands included (such as New, Print, and Save) to the toolbar
  • Improved display presentation, fine-tune the design and animations

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